IAM Copilot for Machine Identities

Save engineering time by auto-generating IAM policies with least privileges in mind.


Few Easy Steps and Done

Run the Slauth observer and integrate your Git repository to start producing IAM policies. 3 minute setup.


Run the observer with your code and enable AWS SDK metrics, or run it in proxy mode.


Connect your Git repository to integrate with Terraform or other IaC codebases.


Receive Pull Requests of generated IAM policies.
Review, merge, and deploy!


IAM policies as a service

Save valuable engineering time and efforts by letting Slauth automatically create and implement IAM policies, ensuring that your team has access to only the necessary permissions.

Slauth.io Pull Request for IAM Policy

Auto generate IAM policies

Auto generate the best IAM policies before deploying new services to production. Use Git integrations in order to have the policy available into your Git repository. Our resource tagging capabilities will allow you to automatically insert the policy into Terraform or any other IaC codebase.

Continuously monitor and audit your IAM policies in production

Rightsize IAM policies in production due to changes. Gain quick access to an audit-trail of all IAM policy changes. Receive activity logs of unauthorized access attempts.

Support shift-left efforts

Empower your Engineering departments by introducing best security practices in the early SDLC in all of your AWS environments.

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Meet the Team

Founded in Tel Aviv 📍
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About us

We're backed by the best Venture Capitalists from the Silicon Valley!

Founded in 2022 out of Tel Aviv and part of the YC community

We are passionate about making security simple and easy to integrate.

At Slauth.io, we believe that developers should own security without compromising on velocity, so they can focus on what they do best - building great products.

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