Simple and Secure Access Management  for Cloud Infrastructure

Quickly find security vulnerabilities and understand who has access to what.

"We were scared to remove an identity whilst the person left the organization months ago! With we can simulate the impact and safely remove the identity instantly"
IT Manager
"Simple and straightforward. has helped us find an army of inactive identities within minutes. Our security posture improved while saving precious time and engineering resources"
"It is a very pleasant feeling to be in control of our IAM. We are a fast-growing startup and there is no dedicated security team, so this allows me to scale up securely, saving time and money"

Quick value

Connect to your own infrastructure through an automated onboarding process. Receive a complete overview of all your resources, identities and security vulnerabilities within minutes.


We work with the three big vendors AWS, Azure and GCP. No need to become an IAM expert with these vendors. We simplify and allow you to receive all the insights from these vendors on one platform.


Compare your organizations security posture to compliance regulations such as SOC2 and GDPR. Continuously get updated if changes in the product impact your compliance posture.

No access to sensitive data unless there is a validated reason

"Accessing data is not trivial and should be regulated to the best of our capabilities. Impactful legislation such as GDPR stipulates the need to provide documented reasoning to provision access"

Youssef Fouad
Senior Data Protection Executive Officer