The IAM Policy Copilot

Auto-Generate secure IAM policies from code using LLM's. Now available for AWS and GCP

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Value within minutes

Our Open-Source CLI companion to bolster your IAM practices


Integrate the CLI with you CI/CD


Auto-generate secure IAM policies


Review JSON and apply to your AWS or GCP environment

Experts Know Best

Slauth enables teams to focus on delivery and eliminate security risks by automating IAM policy creation. Less to worry about, more to deliver!
Teddy Funger
Formerly Red Hat is exactly what I would have loved to have when deploying AWS infrastructure at Balsamiq a couple of years back! So happy it's here now!
Luis Arias


Automate IAM policy creation

Policy generation in real-time

Shift-left your IAM efforts by creating IAM policies for services, workloads and machine identities as they become ready to be deployed.

Right-sized permissions based on your code

No more wildcard or guesswork! Deploy only IAM permissions according to the outcomes of your code analysis.

What data is going to be shared with does not have access to any of your code. The CLI scans your code, sends parts of it to OpenAI and returns the least-privilege policy to you in your terminal or CI/CD. Similar to Github Copilot, OpenAI will read parts of your code.

What are the prerequisites to use

To fully utilize's capabilities, you'll need:
- An app deployed on AWS or GCP
- Languages: All languages are technically supported but Typescript has shown the most success from our experience to date

How does support multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environments?

Currently, is focused on AWS and GCP environments. However, we have plans to extend our support to multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments in the future.

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